Samarkand bookcase

Samarkand is a free standing bookshelf system, which can be used as a spatial divider. The bookshelf can also be placed traditionally against the wall.

Samarkand system is a strict geometrical structure in which the variation of elements that make up the furniture is minimised, but the number of overall sizes and shapes available to the customer is maximised.

The efficient structural geometry is based on 400mm horizontal spans, which in turn enable the use of unusually thin MDF board for the modular elements and shelves.
Although very light, the shelf structure is very stabile and has an excellent load bearing capacity. The standard system produces 204 alternative sizes, see examples of sizes and colors below.



“The single unit, endlessly multiplied, is modernism fundamental. For the Samarkand bookcase the designer puts thin MDF box like elements to the same good effect, layering the matte white volumes in a kind of Flemish bond pattern. The graphic impact of the bookcase is so strong that this piece would serve well as a screen or room divider.”


Design 2005